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This blog is dedicated to primarily Leo Club at Renaissance. Feel free to express thoughts and opinions as long as they are appropriate.

This is where we will keep updates and notes from Leo meetings. This is also a great place to share ideas for service projects etc.

Kindest Regards,

Delaney, Marlee, and Mikayla

12 August 2011

Upcoming School Year!!

So, I don't know about you guys, but our summers were pretty hectic!! It was super crazy, and really hard to find a time to get everyone together for the meetings! The presidency met the other to start trying to pull everything together for the upcoming school year. This years going to be super amazing, and we need your guy's help to do that! This includes coming to the meetings, and checking your emails so you'll all know what's up!

So please continue to check the blog and your emails so that we can all keep in touch, and this Leo Club year can be super awesome:) We will definitely be talking to you all soon!!


30 May 2011

UPDATE- Summer 2011 Gameplan!:)


We are hoping to have one more meeting before school is out.

Here is the tentative schedule for the summer meetings:

JUNE 22: BBQ/LEO Social at Mikayla's house at 1:00PM [club Bond Time... you know you love it baby lions!]
1. set calendar for the year as well as set date for Induction Ceremony (details to come)
-Calendar will include 1 club meeting and 1 Social (bond time) meeting per month.

JULY 20th: 1:00 PM-- location to be set at another date.
1. Set committee meetings [ how they are to be conducted, hand out "cheat sheets" for Roberts Rules of Order]

AUGUST 17: 1:00 PM--Location to be set at another date
1. Q&A about Roberts Rules, practice it.
2. Talk about/Set up volunteering for Rodeo in September
3. Prep for school year!

As far as how we'd like to run Leo club the next couple years (four semesters) is decide on a theme for that semester and incorporate each committee into that. For example, say our theme for Semester 1 of Junior year (2011-2012) was Cancer, Youth Committee could volunteer at St. Judes, Membership could host a seminar on Cancer (schoolwide) awareness, etc. We have four committee's: Youth, Community, International, and Membership. WE will discuss this over the summer. I just wanted to let that idea bounce around in yalls heads!

Good luck with Finals! Stay tuned for details on Summer Meetings and such!

I will be gone six weeks this summer abroad so Mikayla will be conducting the June and July meetings and I will be back in August. I'll have email, FB, and skype if you have quesitons!


Delaney :)

09 April 2011

Leo Convention!-Brady!

Thank you to alllllll of the LEOs who were able to make it to the Leo Club Convention on Saturday, April 9, 2011!

I really appreciate you coming to support or Renaissance Leos!

Congratulations to Brady for obtaining the 2nd Vice President position in the District Leos Council! We are very proud of him and excited to get to have a Leo be part of the District.


Mikayla (:

06 April 2011

Lions/Leo Convention 09 APRIL 2011 Reminder/notes

Good morning to all,

Here's a recap of what Dick, Mikayla and I discussed yesterday.

First, I spoke with DG Pat, and Skip had asked him to participate. He was a little hesitant to say yes because there is a family wake scheduled, lots for family coming into town, and he did want to commit. That being said, if he has some free time in the morning, he might come over. He like our idea about the "Leo exchange" session.

Clubs will be bringing their banners to decorate the areas.

Mikayla will be checking on the invoice for the Janitor - need to have for Skip on Saturday ( I also mentioned this in my email to Mrs. Andrew this morning)

Loraine - emailed Mrs Andrew to check on setup of auditorium: 80-100 attendees (chair setup), audio and mic needed, need to be able to get into school around 7?30-&/45 for setup

Loraine - food (stopped at Louies after meeting) spoke with Penny, at this time confirmed food for 80 people. After registration on Saturday, we need to call her and change headcount if needed - only up, not down. They will setup around 11:30-11:45 (buffet style). Pizza, bread, salad, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Siera Mist. I told her we would bring water bottles (Marty - could you get these). They are also providing plates, napkins & utensils.

Cleanup after lunch - talked about asking everyone as they leave the area to clean off table and put chairs up (Mikayla will check with janitor to see if this is what they would liek us to do.

Registration table: Amanda & Delaney
-need to get birth month from each registrant, put on back of nametag (for mixer)

MC: Brady & Mikayla
-acknowledge the Leo Advisor Convention Committee members

During the roll-out session - two Renaissance Leos will be leaders in the '"Leo Exchange" (replacing Robert's Rules)
-Purpose of Leo Clubs
-What is happening in communities
-Exchange what clubs have done in past
-open discussion time
-talk about International Opportunities

Clean up - I believe the Lone Star club plans on helping with clean up

Wow . . .I think this is about it, so if there is more, please let me know and I'll get it out to everyone

Have a great day, Loraine

10 March 2011

Meeting update

A discussion about a memorial from the Leos for Mack.
·        Service project? 
·        Gavel with name inscribed?
o   Max Black
·        Mack award?
o   Andy Killingsworth
·        Involve parents with voting and characteristics – give award?  What he stood for?
·        Concert with CHS – art show
o   Audra Jenson
Cookie sale - amount made. 
Bank Account
·        Set up (Marlee)
·        Separately from school
·        Panda?
·        Monday-Wednesday
Tshirt orders. 
Playhouse raffle tickets – Would club members want to take tickets to sell?
·         Audra
·         Marlee
·         Julia
·         Lisa
·         Mikayla
·         Amanda
·         Tabor

more notes from the latest meeting coming soon!

27 January 2011

Volunteer Opportunities!!!!!!!!!

Here is a chance for you, Leo club of Renaissance, to be proactive and get some community service done :)

We have got a REALLY busy February coming up!

February 9:
People who will be able to bake cookies for Mid-Winter convention at Marty's house please reply below letting me know you can do so :)

February 12:
Also, please inform me of if you can help at the Mid-Winter Convention on Saturday, and if so, what times :) It is basically all day until dinnertime or so.

February 11:
If you are going to be available for helping at the movie night (selling concessions, etc.) Please let me know by responding to this post as well...

Thanks Leos, See you at the induction ceremony next thursday :)


January 27th Meeting!

Here are the notes for people who may have missed the meeting!

January 27, 2011

* Blog: renaleos.blogspot.com

* Shirts/sweatshirts.

* The people who ordered shirts at last induction ceremony's shirts/sweatshirts are in.

* Next order is being processed...Thanks for your patients with the orders (:

* Induction Ceremony:

* In auditorium at Renaissance

* Business dress cod (Semi formal) You guys know how to dress nice (:

* February 3rd 2011

* New meeting schedule:

* Thursdays at lunch will be an informal meeting, with the agenda on the overhead in Hunter’s room

* After school will be the official meeting, same days(thursday) just after school at 2:45

* Playhouse:

* Getting more paint

* Next Saturday painting, 10-12 and 1-3 time blocks

* Comment on the blog so we can count how many can come.

* At Renaissance in the PTE Center

* Idaho Stampede Game Volunteer

* Lions are selling programs

* Volunteers needed to sell them till half time, then you can watch the game

* Bring friends and family!

* 5:45-7:30 at the Quest Arena, need help on Saturday mostly, but Friday too.

* Brady-Friday, Mack-Friday, Harley-Saturday, Emily-Saturday, Paige-Friday, Lindsey, maybe Saturday

* Midwinter Convention

* At the Courtyard Marriot

* Leo’s will set up a booth and sell raffle tickets for the playhouse

* February 11 &12

* The 9th after school, at Marty’s house we are going to bake cookies for it

* Cupid Grams

* Help StuCo sell them

* Autction donated lunches for two

* Meeting adjourned 11:29


The induction ceremony is right around the corner and we are very excited to FINALLY get all of our new members inducted into the club!

I appreciate your loyalty to the club through our tough times of just getting started!!

The ceremony is next Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 7:00
Refreshments and Cake will be provided!

Also, it is a Lions club social so if you are already a member, we highly encourage you to still come and be part of interaction with our fellow Lions members!!!

Thanks so much!

Mikayla :)

Idaho Stampede!

Hey everyone,I hope all is going well!

If you were at the meeting today, January 27,and you volunteered to help at the Idaho Stampede handing out brochures, the times are:

Tomorrow, January 28 from 5:45-7:30
and Saturday, January 29th at the same time!

Thanks for your effort in this volunteer project!

Enjoy the game :)